[Harp-L] mental practice

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Thu Dec 15 11:33:50 EST 2016

Has anybody had any experience with "mental practice" on the harmonica?

Most people practice the harmonica by playing a song or exercise 10 times. Then, depending on how many times the tune is played, the player masters the song or exercise.

When playing a tune 10-20 times the chops may get tired--expecially with newbies. But the chops never get tired with silent practicer.

In mental practice, harmonica players "read" through the tune as if they were playing the without actually playing the harmonica.

This can be done on the harmonica with sheet music or tablature. I don't think it can be done for ear or rote players because the player not only has to remember how the tune goes but how it is played on the harp (fingering.).

This also provides SILENT PRACTICE-- without bothering other  people in the room/car/house/whatever.

This has been done with college basketball players: The idea being that those who visualize throwing free shots do just as well or even better than people who actually throw the free shots.

Here is one study: It also quotes  

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