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Can't play but it doesn't matter. Love the Boss.
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> On Dec 10, 2016, at 1:20 PM, Chris Hofstader <cdh at xxxxx> wrote:
> Hi,
> I grew up in NJ and was 15 when Bruce released “Born To Run,” so it’s one of those albums in my personal pantheon that no criticism will ever be able to change. So, when the audio book version of his memoir dropped this week, I got it off of Audible and am about half way through the 18.5 hour tome. I’m especially enjoying it and am listening at normal speed to hear Bruce himself read with really excellent rhythm. Some musicians read their audio books and listeners wished they could have found a professional narrator; others like Patti Smith, Bruce and Elvis Costello do a great job and add a bit of performance to the medium. 
> “Born To Run” opens with a harmonica and piano duet with Bruce on harp. In light of the recent discussion about Mick Jagger on the new Stones album, I’m curious what harp-l thinks about Bruce’s playing over the years? In the book, Bruce seems quite proud of that opening to the album and it’s probably one of the most widely heard harp parts in the rock and roll canon.
> I’m loving the book but I stated my bias above, Bruce was a demigod in suburban Jersey in those formative years and Clarence was regarded even more highly.
> Happy Hacking,
> cdh

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