[Harp-L] Harp Baby Roly Poly Swing Harmonica

Vern jevern@xxxxx
Thu Dec 8 01:27:40 EST 2016

> On Dec 7, 2016, at 6:28 PM, Opus314 . <opus314 at xxxxx> wrote:
> Hey folks... I just found this great rendition by "Harp Baby" of Roly Poly.
> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Oi_GI1vYrY
> 1 - Can anyone tell me how to get in contact with him? Bob Wills is dead.  I don’t know who played harmonica.
> 2 - He's playing diatonic... richt?
> 3 - Harp key?   Probably C
> 4 - Position?     Probably 2
> 5 - Backing track key? F
> 6 - How to get the backing so I can try to learn how to play this tune. Get a friendly guitarist to record the four-chord strums and email you an audio file.  
You can create a simple backing track with Garage Band or other musical apps.

For chords and lyrics, see: https://tabs.ultimate-guitar.com/b/bob_wills_his_texas_playboys/roly-poly_crd_1518929id_10092014date.htm <https://tabs.ultimate-guitar.com/b/bob_wills_his_texas_playboys/roly-poly_crd_1518929id_10092014date.htm>
This page will transpose the song to any key.  In F they call Bb by the enharmonic name A#.
> thanks,
> Opus314

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