[Harp-L] Mick Jagger's harp playing on new Blue and Lonesome album of blues covers?

Jef Gat jefgat7@xxxxx
Mon Dec 5 13:26:18 EST 2016

Mick's harp is fine, serves its purpose ~ it's a casual session in the
studio, done live, the vibe and energy here are great, with no pretension
to virtuoso performance showcase. It ain't Vivaldi, and it ain't "spoze" to
be. Those wringing their hands and slagging the harp-playing, analyzing,
quantifying, penning technical treatises on advanced harmonica technique,
trying to compare it to Walter, Sugar Blue, etc., are taking it (and
themselves) far too seriously...most often, it seems, to try and make
themselves look better. It's music. What you do with it is Enjoy it. That's
why they call it "playing"...

On Dec 5, 2016 9:28 AM, "David Coulson" <ndavid.coulson at xxxxx> wrote:

> I’m curious what some of the accomplished harmonica players on Harp-L
> think of Mick Jagger's harp playing on new Rolling Stones Blue and Lonesome
> album of blues covers.
> Thanks!
> David

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