[Harp-L] Sonny Terry Tribute at SPAH and Pre-War Harps

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I'm a big fan of Mr. Halchak  harps.  Just received an order of  3 harps post SPAH and they play great.  Appreciate the great work. 
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SPAH this year was exceptionally busy for Blue Moon Harmonicas.  If you
have never been a vendor at SPAH you might not realize how much work goes
into getting prepared for the convention.  In my case I have probably
created my own monster.  I now make over 250 different custom combs and
offer about a dozen different harmonicas so it is virtually impossible for
me to build one of every possible combination of Brand, Model, Key and
Comb.  Instead, I made up about 30 demo harps (which could be purchased
immediately) and had components on hand (reed plates, covers and combs)
with which to build harps to order during the convention.  I also brought
about two dozen fully restored vintage pre-war Marine Bands and Old
Standbys to the show.  I hosted a workshop on “How to make your harp play
better in 30 minutes or less.”

The silver lining to all the preparation is that after the convention is
over I am well stocked with harps that are ready to be shipped without any
waiting.  I have listed about a dozen of the vintage harps on my website.
You can see them here:  <a href="
Blue Moon Harmonicas – Vintage Harps*</a>

And finally, I hosted the Sonny Terry Tribute performance which was an
absolutely wonderful event.  I would like to personally thank our featured
artists, Joe Filisko, Peter “Madcat” Ruth and Grant Dermody.  Winslow Yerxa
did a fabulous job emceeing the event and Will Scarlett made a special
guest appearance.  The tribute ended with some touching words shared by
Delores Boyd, Sonny’s niece and owner of Sonny Terry Estate LLC.  I had
planned to record the event but was a little discombobulated with all that
I had to do.  I was greatly relieved when I spotted Dr. John Schaman and
his high end video equipment set up in the front row.  I immediately
abandoned my plans to record the tribute knowing that Dr. John had it
covered.  Special thanks to Dr. John for capturing it so everyone who could
not be there could enjoy it.

<a href="https://youtu.be/7ycKmefNKfg">*Sonny Terry Tribute*</a>

I have also listed a number of the estate harmonicas on my website for
anyone who is interested in purchasing one.

<a href="
Terry Estate Harmonicas*</a>

If you have any questions about the estate harmonicas, please feel free to
email or call.

*Tom Halchak*
*Blue Moon Harmonicas LLC*
*P.O. Box 14401 Clearwater, FL 33766*

*www.BlueMoonHarmonicas.com <http://www.BlueMoonHarmonicas.com>**Blue Moon
on Facebook* <http://www.facebook.com/BlueMoonHarmonicas>
*(727) 366-2608*

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