[Harp-L] Inner ear monitor

Greg Heumann greg@xxxxx
Sun Aug 28 16:21:18 EDT 2016

In-ear monitors can be awesome BUT - they only work if you have a very good sound guy actively managing the monitor mix. Once you put ANY sort of ear plug in your ear, you will hear yourself extremely loud relative to the rest of the band. Just try plugging one ear while you’re playing...  That means you will have trouble keeping time and managing your volume relative to the whole band. In short - in-ear monitors are for pros with pro sound guys supporting them. For anyone else - they are a very expensive experiment that you’ll find very hard to manage. 

Learning to hear yourself on stage is a SKILL. You have to understand how your gear affects it, how a monitor mix (which can be very troublesome from a feedback perspective) interacts - etc. And ultimately there are times when you have to play KNOWING you’re playing the right stuff when you can’t hear yourself. That is sub-optimal and certainly scary for newer players - but as you become better and better at playing intentionally instead of reactively, the easier it becomes. 



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> Anyone use the inner ear monitor?! How do they like it?? I find unless the
> sound guy is awesome I have problems hearing myself out of the
> monitor/main/PA
> Ian

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