[Harp-L] Zoom U24 usb recorder

Richard Hunter turtlehill@xxxxx
Wed Aug 24 18:34:54 EDT 2016

brian irving wrote:
<Anyone tried this device for home recording?  Looks interesting and nice price!  

It's not a recorder; it's a USB audio interface.  In other words, it takes an audio signal and sends it to a computer via a USB connection.  The computer must be running some kind of recording software; without the computer, you can't record anything.

In the same price range ($149), Focusrite's Scarlett 2i2 offers about the same kinds and numbers of connections, and the Focusrite preamps are very nice. There are other competitors offering a wide range of products with roughly similar features at the same price point.  of course, if all you want to record is the harmonica (as opposed to vocals or drums), a digitech RP works very well and gives you a lot of options for shaping the sound before it hits the computer.

For handheld recording devices, Zoom's H2/H4/etc. are in my opinion the best buys in their respective price ranges. I won an H4, and I think it's just about the best $300 I ever spent on recording gear. But that's a different kinda animal.

Regards, Richard Hunter

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