[Harp-L] Two Unique New Harmonicas Launched at SPAH

Brendan Power bren@xxxxx
Wed Aug 10 14:40:41 EDT 2016

For those of you going to SPAH, I'll be launching two new harmonica models
there on Friday morning: 10.30am in the Trinidad Room.


These are both unique Patent Pending harps that do things no other current
harmonicas can. One is based on the diatonic platform, the other on the
chromatic. They are ready for commercial release, and I will have samples
with me at the launch folks can try for themselves.


If you're not going to SPAH, the harps will be launched online on the same
day with demonstration videos, extra info and photos. 



 <http://www.brendan-power.com/> www.brendan-power.com



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