[Harp-L] PT Gazell's new CD

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Mon Aug 8 11:18:02 EDT 2016

Sounds great PT, see you at SPAH. 

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Thanks David, 

You can check out sound clips and track 1 in it's entirety by following this 


I will be at SPAH this week and have copies with me as well. Hope to see a 
lot of you there! 

PT Gazell 

pt at xxxxx 


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> I?ve just had the pleasure of listening to PT Gazell?s latest album, ?A 
> Madness to the Method.? This album is a tour de force--great sound, flawless 
> execution, fine arrangements, and superb musicianship. PT?s unique playing on 
> his innovative, half-valved diatonic harps is on full display. 
> I especially enjoy albums like this one that feature more than just harmonica. 
> In this case, the guitar is played by the topnotch musician Pat Bergeson, and 
> lap steel by Rob Ickes. I especially enjoy the way Rob?s sliding lap steel 
> notes combine with PT?s note bends; the combination of sound is wonderful and 
> new to my ears. 

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