[Harp-L] The new MM Harpman pedal is in San Antonio

Owen Evans owenpevans@xxxxx
Sun Aug 7 13:48:57 EDT 2016

Hey everyone, 
I know you’l dig it! I’ll have one in my gig bag so catch me up and I’ll let you try it out!

> On Aug 6, 2016, at 10:27 PM, Rick Davis <bluesharpamps at xxxxx> wrote:
> Several players who own the MM Harpman pedal notified me they will be in
> San Antonio this coming week, and they will make it available to anyone who
> would like to try it out.  Ask around and i'm pretty sure you can find one.
> The MM Harpman is Anti-Feedback + Active Tone Control.  It will help you
> get usable tone from a bad harp amp, particularly a high-gain guitar amp.
> It will calm your amp down and warm up the tone, helping you get control of
> it.  Response from players has been overwhelmingly positive.
> You can see demonstration videos and player comments at the website:
> http://www.memphisbluesamps.com/harpman
> Thanks!
> -Rick Davis

Owen P. Evans
Ottawa, Ontario.

Da blues’ll take ya from hurtin’ to healin’.

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