[Harp-L] PT Gazell's new album "A Madness to the Method"

David Naiditch davidnaiditch@xxxxx
Sat Aug 6 18:11:38 EDT 2016

I’ve just had the pleasure of listening to PT Gazell’s latest album, “A Madness to the Method.” This album is a tour de force--great sound, flawless execution, fine arrangements, and superb musicianship.  PT’s unique playing on his innovative, half-valved diatonic harps is on full display. 

I especially enjoy albums like this one that feature more than just harmonica.  In this case, the guitar is played by the topnotch musician Pat Bergeson, and lap steel by Rob Ickes. I especially enjoy the way Rob’s sliding lap steel notes combine with PT’s note bends; the combination of sound is wonderful and new to my ears.

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