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Tom Ball? Is he going to SPAH? Can't think of anyone who is more deserving of being involved with a Sonny Terry tribute @ SPAH. His book and CD are at the top of the Sonny Terry technique Mountain for sure. 

Ross Macdonald 

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Peter Madcat Ruth said, in reference to Tom Ball’s post, “Very cool to 
play a genuine Sonny Terry harmonica.” Well Madcat, you’re going to have 
the opportunity to do just that. That’s because we have organized a Sonny 
Terry Tribute at SPAH next week. As soon as I began marketing Sonny’s 
harmonicas I started getting emails from lots of different people. Some 
guys let me know what they considered important – signs of wear, 
playability, key, model, etc. Others told me stories about seeing Sonny 
play live. I got photographs and videos. It is all pretty cool. The 
feedback has been tremendously helpful because it gave me a better 
understanding of the love affair harmonica players have with Sonny Terry. 
I knew that I was going to have some of Sonny’s harps at SPAH and by this 
time next year they would likely be all gone so it presented an opportunity 
that may not ever come around again. So I asked the powers that be at SPAH 
about putting together a tribute performance and with their help and the 
help of some amazing talent we have put together a Sonny Terry Tribute. 
The tribute will feature Joe Filisko, Peter “Madcat” Ruth and Grant 
Dermody, with special guests Will Scarlett and possibly Winslow Yerxa. I 
am incredibly grateful to these gentlemen for offering to help especially 
given the short notice and the Saturday at 8:30AM time slot. It is a less 
than ideal time slot, due to this being put together at the last minute, 
but it is the only time where all the artists and the room are available. 
The idea of course is to feature Sonny’s music AND, if the artist so 
desires, he will be able to perform using one (or more) of Sonny’s harps. 
If you are going to be at SPAH, I hope you will attend. It is sure to be 

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