Re: [Harp-L] Fred Yonnet with Prince on SNL 40th anniversary

I think that Fred 'Mr. Freeze' Yonnet is too cool to be legal. He can freeze the Amazon, he makes liquid nitrogen look like hot chicken soup. Check out ANY of his renditions of:
Boogie on Raggae Woman (some with Stevie Unbelievie). 


On Apr 28, 2016, at 1:39 PM, Richard Hunter wrote:

> Hi all,
> I saw a Saturday Night Live homage to Prince, hosted by Jimmy Fallon, a few days ago.  One piece of the show was a rough video of Prince's performance at the after-show party following the 40th anniversary SNL show. Who did I spot at stage right during that performance, blowing the harp while Prince and a rather striking young woman with half her head shaved and her body encased in skintight black leather laid down some big guitar riffs?  Fred Yonnet, that's who.
> Unfortunately for history as well as ourselves, Fred's harp was WAY down in the mix.  I barely heard a couple of notes here and there.  Too bad.  Prince plus harmonica? Gimme.
> Fred toured with Prince a few years ago; I recall a New York Times review of a performance in NYC that singled out Fred's playing as a highlight.  Perhaps Fred has some live recordings of himself with Prince that he can share with us all some time.  
> In any case, it was great to see Fred representing the harp on stage with one of the greatest artists of our time.  Go get 'em Fred.
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