[Harp-L] SPAH Youth Shcolarships - apply by May 1

Time is running out to apply for a SPAH Youth Scholarship - the deadline is May 1!
Do you know an outstanding young (21 or under) harmonica player who would benefit from attending a SPAH convention? If so, encourage them to apply!
Every year, SPAH awards up to five youth scholarships that provide registration and accommodation at the annual SPAH convention.Â
Each scholarship recipient gets to attend all seminars and performances, visit with vendors and sponsors, learn from seeing, hearing, and interacting with all the varied and wonderful players and unique harmonica personalities that attend a SPAH convention, and participate in jams. Each scholarship recipient will also perform onstage during the Friday Night concert. In addition theyâll be required to help out for a brief period, doing things like selling raffle tickets
Weâre encouraging young harmonica players to apply. For more information, check out the scholarship page at http://spah.org/content.asp?pl=94&sl=100&contentid=100ÂWinslow Yerxa
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