[Harp-L] Re: Hygenica Harmonica--antique

This appears to be a factory modified Hohner 'BAND'  harmonica.  Seems to 
be the same cover plate blanks, and the BAND  model was also Richter tuned.  
I have a few of the standard  model BAND, in C, A, G, and I think also a Bb 
but I'd need to confirm  that one.  So it seems likely the BAND was produced 
in  all the standard keys.  Wondering if that's also true for the  
As far as I've been able to determine, the BAND is the precursor to  the 
Marine Band and all the other Hohner's with Band in their names... but  that's 
speculative, nothing definitive here to confirm.
This easy clean Hygenica variant is WAY cool, never saw one of  those 
before, is the box still present?  I imagine it would vary  considerably from 
unit to unit in regard to airtightness, this due to  the reed plates being held 
to the comb via only the perimeter friction  fit.  I'd speculate further 
that compromised  playability and the much higher production costs doomed this 
model to a  very short production run. 
Or... maybe the Hygenica came first, but the higher cost + playability  
issues resulted in poor sales.  Hohner could have then  decided to use the 
comb, reed plates and cover plates in a more  conventional manner and renamed it 
as the BAND?  
80+ years later Hohner took another swing at quick open covers and  
introduced the CX.  Maybe the Hygenica was the long dormant  seed. 
Christopher Richards
www. harmonicaplanet.com
Twin Tone Microphones - Tone Defender Cables
Staging & Production - SPAH
Here's  one that's different! I play it a little, seemed to be very 
airtight and still  playable.

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