Re: [Harp-L] Essential listening

Wow! thank you so much, Joseph! These are the onest of the best words that I got as harmonica player. I will try. I'm so in love with harmonica and music so I will try to do my best :) thank you again!

On 22.04.2016 22:00, Joseph Leone wrote:
Well the other day my famous parter in crime Mick Zaklan mentioned that 22 years ago in Memphis Tennessee, there were a bunch of harmonica players standing around a bar
and the general consensus was: "When we die, we're taking it all with us". I suppose that this was supposed to mean that they (the pros) had what the harmonica world needed
and that when they were gone, that need would also be gone. Btw, I was there to hear it.

So, that is all b.s. When we have people like Konstantin playing at this level, the harmonica world is in GUUUUUUUUD shape. I thought his rendition was super and refreshing.
Great work Konstantin.

Oh, Btw, you said: "Anyone can play 'the Deb'". Ha ha ha, that's so funny. Yeah, maybe.

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