[Harp-L] Re: The kid who could play Don Les

Happens far too often.  I wasn't around SPAH back when these two  kids were 
there, but did produce the Youth Showcase for  a large music festival for 
many years  Many of the  kids were a genuine pleasure to have on the stage, 
when it went  the other way and a kid had a swollen head or seemed burned  
out, in nearly every case it was traceable to issues  with their parents. 
My daughter played competitive volleyball all the way up  through NCAA D1.  
Saw the same cause & effect  from coaches who were more concerned with 
their own fame  than with the well being of the atheletes, and from parents who  
thought their kid walked on water.  One of my nieces was on an  
international gymnastics team, she was pushed relentlessly by her mom, who was  
convinced that her daughter was the second coming of Nadia  Comaneci... the poor 
kid was miserable.
When I have a young performer scheduled I try to have a  conversation with 
the parents about the importance of their role.  The  way they interact with 
producers, the other musicians,  agents and studios can have a profound 
effect on  a child's development as a musician, and upon the willingness of  
others to work with them. 
Christopher Richards 
www. harmonicaplanet.com 
Staging & Production - SPAH 

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