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I assume the producer you mention was the fellow I referred to in my post. I hate seeing kids being manipulated  like that by parents or guardians, but it seems to be a a frequent occurence in showbiz and those who aspire to it ...

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> He made a CD under the name Harry Caine, but it was mostly a showcase for the producer/keyboardist/composer in charge of the project and showed little of what made Uwe special. He and Don Les had a genuine and incredible mind-meld going on onstage at the 1994 SPAH convention. If some of that magic had been captured and recorded, he'd be a true legend in the harmonica community.
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> His name is Uwe Penzold (that's pronounced Oovay), son of my former student Andreas Penzold. His parents broke up shortly after the SPAH visit mentioned here and the last time I saw him, Uwe was being hyped as a child harmonica star in an exceptionally tasteless manner by his mother's new flame, using the stage name "Harri Cane". Poor kid. As far as I know, nothing came of it. Dunno what he does now, his talent was genuine and I hope he finds the opportunity to pick up where he left off.

Steve Baker

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