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<<Back to the original question about what minor blues show up a lot at jams, Iïïïd like to add SRVïïïs ïïïCold Shotïïï. Iïïïve heard that at jams countless times and itïïïs worth being prepared for, along with some other Stevie Ray Vaughn tunes. Another that Iïïïve heard fairly often, a minor tune from the jazz repertoire that is covered by some blues guys is, ïïïComing Home, Babyïïï, and I do like playing that one. When I was a kid I had the ïïïChicago Blue Starsïïï LP with Charlie Musselwhite doing the tune and it kind of stuck in my brain since.>>

Minor blues songs I most frequently encounter at blues jams include: The Thrill is Gone; Coming Home, Baby; Cold Shot; Unchain My Heart; Black Magic Woman; Tin Pan Alley: St. James Infirmary Blues; Midnight Rider; Got A Mind To Give Up Living; Summertime; Loan Me a Dime; Old Love; All Along The Watchtower; Ain't No Sunshine; Cold Cold Feeling: I'll Play The Blues For You.

Most of these I play in 3rd position, except I play St. James Infirmary, Black Magic Woman, and Midnight Rider in 5th, and Cold Shot in 2nd.  Those positions just seem to work for me on those tunes.  Your mileage may vary.

M B Hallwig

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