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It's possible that Uwe and his dad were the father/son who showed up at Hohner World Competition in Germany in the 90's. There were only 3 competitors for the "youngester diatonic" classification, and I believe Uwe won.

I remember Buster as one of the cute kid syndrome stars, who eventually grew up and wasn't so cute and kiddish any longer, and did not plan for this eventuality by actually improving his technique/performance abilities.

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I don't think so. I typed ewe because the letters are right next to each other. His name is Uwe. And about 2009 there was a bit written about him on Adam Gussow's famous Dirty South Blues Forum.
I believe Chris Michalek (Buddha) gave him some kudos ..while capping on some of the other youngsters. He mentioned Buster Brody (real name is Brody Buster). Penzoldt showed up with his dad.
Who had a common German first name. Could have been Hans? The father was pretty good in his own right. 

I DID find a Penzoldt on you tube but his name is Hans? He appears to be the same 34 years old that Uwe would be, has the same skin tone, hair, etc. Not sure if it's the same dude?
As for Brody Buster, he did a shot at one  (or more?) B.B. King clubs. 

As I recall, both Buster and Penzoldt were at the 1994 Memphis spah. Buster played with Musselwhite and Penzoldt with Les. I could have it wrong as I was tied up watching Danny Welton. lol
I always felt that Penzoldt had a lot of promise. I thought Buster need a bit more work. 


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