Re: [Harp-L] Minor blues

Paul Butterfield is indeed playing The Thrill is gone on the video on a D harp in 2nd position. Song key Am.


Just out of curiosity I tabbed out the opening phrase in different positions.


2nd on a D harp : -4/-4*+4-3*, -4+4-3*-2-2, -4+4-3*+4, -4+4-3*-2-2, -2-3*+4-4*+4-3*+4-2-3*-2-2, -4+4-3*-2-2


3rd on a G harp : -6/6*+6-5,-6+6-5-4-4, -6+6-5+6, -6+6-5-4-4, -4-5+6-6*+6-5+6-4-5-4-4, -6+6-5-4-4


5th on an F harp: -3/-3**-3*-2, -3-3**-2+2+2, -3-3**+3-3**.-3-3**-2+2+2, +2-2-3**-3*-3**+3-3**+2-2+2+2,-3, -3-3**-2+2+2


3rd looks best though I did try a full instrumental take in 2nd position for better or worse.

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