[Harp-L] Re: Recording Harmonica

Always start by sorting out the physical stuff.  The fix for  your 
exaggerated wah effects might be as simple as standing a bit further  off the 
microphone.  You may even discover that you like the extra bit  of 'air' this can 
put into your acoustic  recording.  You can also try adding, repositioning 
or  deleting any acoustic treatment you use just in front or just  behind the 
mic.  You can also try moving everything to a  different position in the 
room or booth, or to a different room  altogether.  
Does the mic you're using have adjustable polar patterns or response  
curves?  If so then experiment with those settings.  Or perhaps you  just need to 
angle yourself in a manner that doesn't cause a blast into the  mic when 
you open your cup, try turning maybe 30 degrees in one  direction, and then 
the other, experiment with the angle and direction.
If a mic has a glaring deficiency for a particular application, then  it's 
better to swap it out rather than pile  on downstream processors.  Keep in 
mind that one condenser  mic can have a radically different character than 
another, same is  true for ribbons or dynamics, don't dismiss all condensers 
just because a  particular one wasn't a good match.
Stay tuned for May announcements for this years IBB -International Blues  
Blowoff- in San Antonio! 
Christopher Richards
www. harmonicaplanet.com
Staging & Production SPAH
Producer - International Blues Blowoff
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