[Harp-L] New CX-12 DoubleChrom

I've refined my TwinHarmonica System (THS) to reduce the size and improve
performance. My latest version of the DoubleChrom is based on the popular
Hohner CX-12, fusing two of them together in one user-friendly
uber-chromatic, far more advanced in terms of musical possibilities than any
conventional chromatic harmonica. 


The options for what units to put in the back and the consequent
barrier-busting playability benefits are limited only by your imagination!
Being based on the CX-12, it's easy to have multiple internal units in
different keys/tunings to swap between in seconds, getting even great value
from the main unit.


Check out the Playing and Assembly video here:



All queries/feedback/suggestions welcome.



 <http://www.brendan-power.com/> www.brendan-power.com



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