Re: [Harp-L] Vintage (1938) Gibson amp & mic for sale.

When I was a teenager, an uncle of mine passed away and left me a 1939 Gibson lap steel guitar, with this amp (EH150), both cased in tweed. This was before I began to play harmonica, maybe 1965. I was just getting into guitar, after 4 years of cello lessons.

I never caught on to the value of that heavy-ass lap steel, since the "fretboard" was almost an inch away from the strings, and I hadn't heard slide guitar except on the intro to "Adventures in Paradise- with Adam Troy", a television serial back in the early 60's. I thought it rather useless to me, and eventually, when I needed money, sold the guitar and case for 50 bucks to a collector, having put an ad in the "Pennysaver" sales rag. I didn't know the meaning of "vintage", I guess. I kept the amp at that point, but still hadn't a clue about its true value.

Later on, since I had blown the amp up practicing with neighborhood-shaking volume on my St.George (Japanese Stratocaster copy) I used to play through the mic input just to get more gain, distortion, whatever., I ended up tossing the amp, thinking it useless, since I didn't have the money at the time to buy a new speaker/tubes, etc.


What a sap I wuz,,

FCOL (for crying out loud),,

Anyone have a time machine??

Robert the Lame

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A close friend of mine has this awesome vintage Gibson amp for sale, he asked me to post it on Harp L. the microphone is pretty awesome tooâ
Click on link for details/pics

James Supra

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