Re: [Harp-L] Double thickness reed plates? [getting long]

Larry Youmans wrote:

Interesting discussion but I must question how accurate some statements/ theories are.  Consider just how little of the reed actually comes through the reed plate, then explain how any certain reed can reach all the way through two thicknesses, especially the short reeds.  I can understand, and measure, long reeds reaching through both thicknesses, but the short reeds do not swing all the way through.  While playing exposed reedplates off my harps
I cannot feel the short reed come thru with my tongue!  I do plan on building a 364 double reedplate soon.
Larry, I am confused on several fronts.

I don't recall anyone having said anything about reeds reaching all the way through reed plates, single or double.

I'm quite curious exactly how you measure long reeds reaching through both thicknesses of reed plates. That takes some pretty high-falutin' equipment as far as I know.

And if you are so suspect about statements and theories about double reed plates, why are you going to build a double reed plate 364?


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