Re: [Harp-L] Double thickness reed plates? [getting long]

Vern asked:

...What makes you think that a thicker plate makes the reed swing wider? IF this were true, there would be greater stress in the reed and its life would be shorter.

Hi, Vern!

Asnwer to your question: such wider swing and its attendant benefit of increased loudness is described by many harmonica technicians. Joe Filisko himself used to use the method. The internet is littered with pages citing these reported benefits. And, Hohner isn't the only manufacturer to make claims of loudness due to thicker reed plates, e.g., the Toots Hard Bopper.

And you're right, Vern, in my readings on the subject of doubled reed plates do indeed result in greater reed stress and shorter reed life. In fact that's one of the reasons Joe reportedly stopped making double reed plate harmonicas.

Take care,


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