[Harp-L] Leakage

Hi Guys,

A little while back, I posted a query here about what I was calling âbreath noiseâ but was corrected by another member that what I was discussing was called âleakageâ using the vocabulary of harmonica. As Iâve written here before, Iâm a rank amateur and donât play nearly as well as what Iâve heard in the recordings people post here. When I was playing acoustically exclusively along with a guitar player friend of mine, I really liked the Seydel Blues Soloist Pro, theyâre relatively inexinexpensive and I liked the way the wood comb felt on my mouth. But, as soon as I started playing amplified (Iâve a Vox AC4, a Lone Wolf Harp reverb and Shaker MadCat and MadDog microphones), I found the noise caused by the leakage to be incredibly annoying when picked up by the mike and amplified.

Thus, I started looking into higher end harmonicas. I find the one I like the most thus far is the Seydel 1847 Noble, the one with the aluminum comb as it seems to have the least leakage and feels easier to play as more of my breath does its job rather than leaking out. Iâve also had very good results with 1847 Silver (plastic comb) and with the Suzuki Manji but canât tell if the outcomes are the result of the instruments themselves or my desire to hear them sounding better (the placebo effect). Iâm not interested in getting into customized instruments at this time as Iâm just learning and donât need to add that extra expense.

Thus, I suppose Iâm asking which models you guys would suggest that come off-the-shelf with minimal leakage issues as hearing that noise is making me crazy while practicing. Iâll get myself all of the keys I play with any regularity in a higher end model when Iâm convinced of which model I should focus on.


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