[Harp-L] Watch Pocket Full of Soul for Free!

Dear All:
We are going to screen Pocket Full of Soul for free on National Harmonica Day (April 18).  This is unprecedented.  There will be an option to donate to a charity, but it is not required to see the film.
Please help us promote
this event.  If you know someone, anyone,
in the press or media, radio and television, please consider reaching out to
them as we want as many people as possible to be a part of the celebration.  If you want to go on a radio show and promote this, that is cool too.
Please spread the word.  Everyone in this group should jump on this bandwagon.  Please no haters.  We are showing our film for free and trying to raise money for charity.


On April 18th,
go to YouTube and search Pocket Full of Soul or go to www.pocketfullofsoulmovie.com
for more information.


Thanks for your
continued support.


Keep breathing music...


Pocket Full of Soul 		 	   		  

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