Re: [Harp-L] Chromatic Plate Fasteners Question


I use 0-80x5/8"
Brendan uses 1.4mm x ???


On Saturday, April 2, 2016, Emily Keene <esalisburykeene@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Perhaps I should post this to the chromatic list, but since I've not yet
> joined and don't remember their handle, I'm hoping someone here can help.
> Who is a good source for screws (bolts really) to convert my numerous 270's
> from nails to bolt through fastening of the plates and what size should I
> order? I've got some from a Buckeye that I cannibalized and I believe there
> are some coming with the Brendan Power comb I've got on order, but I've got
> quite a set of them in a number of keys and I'd like to be able to seal
> them and then be able to work on them s needed.  I've found several sites
> that sell miniature fasteners but the sizing system is somewhat arcane. I
> don't mind buying  a hundred, but I don't want a hundred of the wrong size.
> Cheers, emily


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