Re: [Harp-L] Wire EDM for reed blanks

Hello Robert,

Etching Metal with Acid is another way but fumes are toxic. I have
interested in EDM for photographic use and some NASA EDM scientists for
Apollo Nozzles advised me to build my machine myself. There are wire edm
plans available at internet. If you plan to burn 6 dollars each of 150 ,
you can build or order a edm machine for that price. Problem is to know how
much precision you want , how slow you can go , how many hours or minutes
you want to wait for one , how much you want to pay for wire . IMHO slower
, less removal makes higher precision. And high quality , continious feed
wire. And your cnc table must match with design. And the most important is
the liquid you poured on metal which cleans the part and wire. Wire , good
wire , table , electronics , wait time , software and soup makes the
expenses. Find the suitable machines at internet and sample parts with
them. If everything goes well , you can produce thousands.


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