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On Sat, Sep 26, 2015 at 6:11 AM, Richard Hunter  <turtlehill@xxxxxxxxxxxxx 
The only way to get the big tone that  results from cupping the harp with a 
mic is to cup the harp with a  mic;

Robert Hale replied:  If the cylinder is airtight, it should come  close.  
I have to agree with Richard's take on this.  There's at  least two factors 
in play with the rig Jon Paris uses in the  Johnny Winter video which 
prevent a close approximation to a tightly  cupped hand held setup.  1. The 
reflective 'closed' chamber  creates a lot of sonic artifacts, in my opinion 
these kinds of setups  whether a plastic tube or a soup can will create a  
somewhat hollow sound.  It can be a very good  sound, but always very different 
from that of a tightly  cupped hand held setup.  2. The chamber isn't 
actually closed, much  escapes through the front of the harmonica... which is 
normally sealed off  by the players hands when tightly cupped, this makes it 
difficult  to fully isolate the element and achieve that overdriven 'Chicago'  
sound.  If used, vented coverplates would further reduce the ability  to 
overdrive the element in this type of rig. 
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