[Harp-L] Driving and Patrice

Three stories:

Jim Pansa from Colorado was once stopped by a cop in Summit County for playing while driving.  He nervously stopped,  but was asked by the trooper for a lesson on what we was working on.  No ticket was issued but a lesson plan was set up.

Bub Boblink, on the way to a gig was practicing a difficult passage on his harmonetta with both hands on I-80 driving through Chicago.  He noticed an 18 wheeler in his rear view mirror about to take him out, which made him drop the instrument which dam near spilled his beer.  (Stage joke)

I use to work as a bank inspector., driving some days for a total of 5 hours to inspect a property for 30 minutes, with a return trip of the same duration.  I would practice one Old Timey fiddle tune  for the entire time.  This was when I was teaching harmonica on Monday nights from 5 to 10.  That day was a memorable sore lip evening. 

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