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Hi Michelle, I second your opinion on the Wiyos! ÂThey really have the old time sound and feel nailed down. ÂTheir frontmanÂis really very adept on the high-end of the harmonica, like a lot of the prewar players. Very few people do that anymore. Â ÂBill

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Rick Dempster wrote:

> Pity a few harp players don't try embracing this kind of material.
> I'd call that "a blues", but I'm not sure that most 'blues harp' players
> would see it as "The Blues".
> Trouble is, you stick a harp player in this lineup and they immediately
> want an amplifier, thus spoiling the whole thing.
> You can do it on harp at low volume with a string band though. I'd say
> we're talking "jug band", essentially,
> like Gus Canon. Is there anyone doing that on harp these days that you know
> of Mick?
Rick, I ain't Mick, but up in New York there's a band called "The WIYOs" 
that's fronted by the enormously talented Michael Farkas on vocals, 
harmonica, washboard, jug and kazoo amongst other like instruments. They 
play a mix of ragtime, jug band and old timey music. I love 'em and 
knowing what I know about you I bet you will, too (if they are new to 
you). Check 'em out:


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