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I don't know about the rest of you guys with your fancy button harmonicas, but I've always loved my Marine Bands because I just love the taste of wood.

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Dear Hohner:I really have to thank you for using wooden combs on your 270'sand Deluxe 270's.Now that I've switched all 20 my wooden combed three octaveDeluxe chromatic harmonicas to non-wood materials, after ten years of combstraightening, comb replacing, and the ever-popular penultimate  resort, "Prayer before attempting re-assembly" method, the relief I feel is trulypalpable, probably made more palpable by the long wait.Wait, I have to lookup that word.."palpable"....Yeah, I used it correctly....Palpable, it is. Tobe fair, it's worth noting that some of my chromatics (6) with wood combs arejust fine, and thanks for asking.That said , I still  find that, no matterwhat material, the combs on your Deluxes  tend to play wrong notes at times.Moreover, as I spend more practice time, I find that they play fewer wrongnotes, so I think there must be a comb break-in period. You might want to putthat warning on the box. I did take some lessons, so I know it's notme.I do love the bolts in the Deluxes, though, and I do thank you forthose.Please put them on your normal 270's. Thanks inadvance.Thanks.jon kip

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