The challenge for many blues CDs is to broaden the appeal for the
traditional blues format without wrecking its roots.  This new CD from
Little Boys Blue, a band from western Tennessee, hits the mark.  And it is
all tied together by JD Taylorâs smoky harp playing.  This is a fine blues

Of the 11 tracks on the CD nine are original, written by JD Taylor and his
son Alex who plays guitar in the band.  Their version of âDeath Letter
Bluesâ is swampy and fresh, and their take on Muddy Watersâ âI Can Be
Satisfiedâ has a wonderful Delta feel.  The originals range from
traditional blues to Cajun to Memphis blues to one song â âHowling for Youâ
â that sounds like slow, greasy Southern rock.  I love it.

JD Taylorâs blues harp is the real magic in this album.  His command of his
tone is remarkable, and his phrasing is like a conversation with a Southern
gentlemen:  It has a certain drawl and a clever humor that will keep you

My favorite cut is âGo Back Home,â an original slow blues song with two
guitars, horns, a B3, and JDâs harp and voice.  Like all the songs on this
album the rhythm section is solid.  The record has a good pro recorded
sound.  I recommend it to all blues fans, and particularly to those who are
blues curious.  If you are a blues harp player you should have this disc on
regular rotation.

âBad Loveâ from Little Boys Blues is available at iTunes, Amazon, and CD

-Rick Davis
Sheridan Wyoming USA

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