Re: [Harp-L] Re. Diminished Chromatic

Wow! Brendan, thank you so much for your attention, kind words and recommendations. It really means a loooooot for me :)
You know Eugene Ryan told me about halfvalving after I asked him if I make my slider flat instead of sharps. Because it closer to bending. I like the idea so much. But what If my Saxony (out of the box) is not so airtight? I'm not a customizer :) I'm only love to play harmonica. I think I might get some courage to do this ( I need a wizard of Oz! ) :)
Thank you so much again :) I will watch you youtube video about how to make chromatic harmonica more airtight again :)

On 27.10.2015 13:00, Brendan Power wrote:
Hi Konstantin: since you have good diatonic bending skills, why not
half-valve your diminished chromatic? Then you can bend all the draw reeds a

This gives a lot more expression and what I call 'bend enharmonics': notes
that are the same as the existing notes but achieved through bends instead.
This makes for more alternate phrasing options and more flowing lines.

If you want to try, simply remove the covers and pull off all the outer
valves (leave the inner ones alone). In addition to the musical benefits, it
virtually eliminates sticking valves forever, a win-win!

The main thing is that the chrom must be made really airtight at the slider
assembly, and embossing the reed slots will help a lot too. If those things
are done you will notice virtually no difference between blow and draw
reeds, and get a whole lot of soul into the bargain.

I think the half-valved chromatic is vastly under-rated as a way to marry
diatonic-style bending expression and full chromatic facility. Diminished
tuning is perfect for it, as all draw notes will bend.

You have the diatonic bending skills to make it sound great. Give it a try:
you'll love it, I guarantee!




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