[Harp-L] Re: Golden Melody from the 90's

The Golden Melody was one of the last of Hohnerâs harmonicas that used pins
to fix the reedplates to the comb.   Those Golden Melodys with six screws
lined up three in the front and three directly behind were Hohnerâs first
attempt to switch to reedplate screws.  The result was unsatisfactory in
regard to airtightness, so production reverted temporarily back to pins
while I was tasked with determining if an acceptable method could be found
to use screws.  I produced samples in all possible screw configurations and
found that the one that matched the original pin configuration was equal to
pins in airtightness and performance, so reedplate screws were reintroduced
into the Golden Melody using this configuration.

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> I bought a golden Melody Bb some time in the 90's and it always sounded
> dull to me, so it eventually ended up in my parts box. At some point i
> considered changing the comb but when I opened it up the reed plate screws
> did not match any other Golden Melody I had seen. there were 6 screws. Two
> at each end and two in the middle. Each set of two was in line with the
> others, one front and one back.
> Was this a short lived style, a counterfeit or something else completely?
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