[Harp-L] Golden Melody from the 90's

Derwood wrote...........

I bought a golden Melody Bb some time in the 90's and it always sounded
dull to me, so it eventually ended up in my parts box. At some point i
considered changing the comb but when I opened it up the reed plate screws
did not match any other Golden Melody I had seen. there were 6 screws. Two
at each end and two in the middle. Each set of two was in line with the
others, one front and one back.

Was this a short lived style, a counterfeit or something else completely?


This is not a counterfeit harp.  I have had a few of those.  The screw
pattern you describe was short lived.  Have you ever wondered why the
Golden Melody combs have all those extra holes that we never use?  It's
because Hohner makes the combs so that they can be used on new production
Golden Melodys or as replacements for any of the previous versions.

And now you know ............... the rest of the story.

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