[Harp-L] The Huntersounds update patchset for RP500 will be released today

Hi all,

Our update to the Huntersounds patch set for Digitech RP500 will be shipped to all our RP500 licensees today.  This update contains 23 patches, all designed to make full use of the RP500's array of footswitches to enable a player to easily add or subtract multiple FX from the mix in real time.  It's a live performer's one-stop solution for a box full of big, colorful sounds coupled with plenty of realtime control. I even included some stuff to help loopers build fat layers of tones from the ground up. 

I guess my pride is showing, but y'know, I really like the RP500, and I'm delighted to share my latest setups with our licensees.  If you've previously purchased our patch set for RP500 and have since changed your email address, please send me an email offlist that includes your old and new email addresses, and we'll make sure you get the update.

Our next step is to set these sounds up for the RP1000, followed by the RP360.  Stay tuned.

Thanks, Richard Hunter

author, "Jazz Harp" (Oak Publications, NYC)
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