Re: [Harp-L] Name for blues sessions


Congrats on getting the blues night and hope you have a good time with it.

Unfortunately, nothing really brilliant occurs to me, but here are some possibilities that come to mind:

- Buried in the Blues
- Nine Below Zero
- Mellow Down Easy
- Goin' Down Slow
- Down at the Bottom
- Bottom Line
- Down and Out
- Get Down
- Out of Sight
- Bass-ment Blues 
- Underground Blues

Keep us posted.


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> Hi to all you creative types!  I've secured a monthly blues night at a local
> (Edinburgh, Scotland) cellar bar.  My band will host the sessions and we
> will have two other blues acts each night.  Any ideas on what to call the
> sessions?  I'm thinking along the lines of "Lowdown Blues at the Cellar Bar"
> or something along those lines.  Any suggestions?
> B

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