Re: [Harp-L] Richard Hunter RP500 patch update

Thanks a bunch, Richard. I knew you'd have some suggestions. I'm on it!


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Michelle LeFree wrote:
<Interesting you should mention your Huntersounds patches and "stompbox"
<in the same sentence, Richard. I had a similar thought but probably with
<a different kind of stompbox in mind. You may remember that I am a happy
<user of your patches for my lowly little RP150 (which I am still
<digging). My solo act uses several of your patches as well as a looping
<device and, importantly, an ~acoustic~ (read wooden) stompbox. One of
<the  main uses for the looper is to record and play back my stomps on
<the stompbox. Lets me concentrate of other stuff.
<So I got to wondering to what extent it might be possible to incorporate
<an acoustic stompbox "kick" sound patch effect using the RPs expression
<pedal. It could be used on a live-time basis, as you press the pedal
<rhythmically or, even better, based on a tap-tempo style "tapped in"
<rhythm. I'm aware that the RP500 lacks a built-in drum machine but
<reckoned that with your facility with reprogramming the thing, the sky
<seems to be the limit. So, why not ask?)

Actually, the RP500 does have a built-in drum machine with a number of patterns. That aside, to produce a kick sound, the first thing you need is an impulse (i.e. a sound of some sort) to be processed by the RP; that impulse isn't going to be a harmonica, because it's not easy to transform a sound produced by a vibrating reed into a sound like that of a beater hitting a membrane (i.e. a kick drum).

A better approach is to beatbox the initial sound (i.e. produce it vocally) and process that impulse with the RP. As it happens, I've recently figured out that if I defeat the pitch shifter on my "MA816D"(matchless amp model with pitch shifter) RP355/RP360/RP500 patch, it adds a nice punch to a beatboxed rhythm. (You may want to add a little compression to the patch too.) The equivalent setup on the RP155 is the MA_8D patch. Turn off the pitch shifter and process your beatboxing through your favorite mic and and the RP. I think I set that patch up with a short delay, and you can keep that or turn it off too if you like. (I like it on--puts a little extra juice into the beatboxed rhythm.)


Regards, Richard Hunter

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