[Harp-L] Rockabilly Harp

     For good examples of what I consider to be "proto-rockabilly" harp, I recommend many of the recordings of the late Wayne Raney. His work with the Delmore Brothers in the 40's and 50's laid the groundwork - Lost John Boogie, Lonesome Wind Blues, Jack and Jill Boogie, Blues Stay Away >From Me, Del Rio Boogie, Freight Train Boogie, Sittin' On Top, Blues At My Door, Real Hot Boogie, etc. etc. etc.      Though late in his career he turned to mostly religious recordings with his family, he was an early  pioneer in the use of cross harp in the fields of country, gospel, bluegrass, and rockabilly. He also toured and recorded with Lefty Frizell in what was a good example of a honky tonk band, playing in the "outlaw" country category. Pete Sheridan Author of the following: 1) The Quest For Tone In Amplified Blues Harp    2) Affordable Axes And Cool Amps for The Slide Guitarist/Harp Player  2) Wayne Raney. Hillbilly Boogie Boy, Country Crooner and Born Again Gospel Guy Available from: Jukester's Harmonica Supplies Vintage Harp Mics, plus... www.petesheridan.net  www.petesheridan.net
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