[Harp-L] Live Blues harmonica -- this Sunday in Seaford, Long Island, NY

Hello everybody,   
       Just an email to let you know that my band, "Harmonica Bill Lifford and Marked Deck", will be playing Sunday, October 11 at Sunset Grill in Seaford, NY. Â Long Island blues andÂjazz veteranÂWillie Steel will be helping us outÂon guitar for this show; he's an amazing musician and we're thrilled to have him for Sunday.       
       We'll have Rich Albertson on bass, Danny Cadillac Jr. behindÂthe drum kit, Junior Davis and Willie Steel on guitar (Willie's filling in for Ken Clayton this week), and yours truly on harmonica,Âsinging and hollerin'.       
       The show is a benefit for the Long Island Blues Society's talent contest winners, the Johnny Mac band. Johnny Mac and hisÂband will represent Long Island at the International Blues ChallengeÂin Memphis, TN, in January 2016. The IBC is a huge battle-of-the-bandsÂtype contest that features blues musiciansÂfrom all 50 states and about 10 other countries. The proceeds from the show willÂhelp send theÂJohnny Mac bandÂdown to Memphis.          
       We'll be playing at 3 PM sharp, so don't be late! David JonÂPaisley will play before us, there'llÂbe another bandÂfollowing us as well, with the Johnny Mac bandÂclosing theÂshow. Johnny's band played a great set at the talent contest, so you'll definitelyÂwant to stick around for his set.       
       Thanks so much and hope to see you there!       
       Bill and the band       
     William Lifford, CP       Progressive O&P, Inc.          1111 Willis Avenue       Albertson, NY 11784          516-338-8585

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