[Harp-L] YouTube video on recording for harmonica players

Hey all.

Just wanted to let you know I've posted a video on recording for harmonica players on my YouTube channel. Itâs part 1 of 2 (2 is coming soon) and is a follow up to the presentation I gave this year at SPAH.

The video demonstrates various harmonica types and placements as well as the interference caused when recording to two or more channels and how to minimize itâs negative impact on your sound.

All of the audio examples are of recorded acoustic and amplified harmonica.

https://youtu.be/HmMqi4P5-Jo <https://youtu.be/HmMqi4P5-Jo>

For more on recording you could also check out my 28-article series on the Recording Magazine website:

http://www.recordingmag.com/?do=resources&cat=113&page=3 <http://www.recordingmag.com/?do=resources&cat=113&page=3>

Hope you find these materials helpful!

- John

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