RE: [Harp-L] Harpin with a rack

Question for everyone.

I have a rack that I used for my harmonica once in a while.  It allows me to play harmonica and guitar/uke/banjo/whatever at the same time pretty good.  (I believe it's a Hohner, but it will fit the Lee Oscar, SP20, Golden Melody, etc. as well).  I think I'm using it correctly in that I bring the harmonica up to my mouth and have the collar area resting properly.  The problem I'm having is that I can't seem to "Get a grip" on the harmonica with just my mouth (hands free of course); therefore, It's extremely hard to if not impossible to bend notes.  I can get a good enough grip to play chords and single notes, but can't seem to "maneuver" myself in a good enough position to bend notes (right now trying for draw bends) on any hole.

Do any of you ever struggle with this?  Is there such thing as "Harmonica with a rack 101"?  When I try to bend notes (draw bend), the harmonica and neck piece move around and such where I can't seem to get a proper point to bend the note on the harmonica.

Any advice would be appreciated and all.


Jeff DeGregorio

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