[Harp-L] New Windy City Harmonica amp from Sonic Pipe Amps

Hello All,

The Windy City is really howlinâ some fierce tone at an extremely low price
of $375 plus shipping. Sonic Pipe Amplifiers have designed the paramount of
small amplifiers with its astounding array of tonal attributes at various
settings. You will hear tone ranging from 1940âs warm crunch, the 1950âs
tweed tone, and the 1960âs crispy gain. With an independently designed
circuit that includes features like no other amplifier, we are confident
that this amplifier will hit the spot. The Windy city was manufactured in
China and has been completely rewired and internally redesigned in none
other than Chicago, Illinois to deliver the most versatile and striking
amplifier to date.

The Windy City Features

1. 1x8 combo with choice of speaker.

Here at Sonic Pipe Amplifiers you have  2 choices of speakers, rather than

The Weber Signature 8â Ceramic stock

The Eminence 8â 820H Alnico( $25 upgrade)

2. Brightness Cutoff Switch

The Windy City is not feedback resistant but is easily tamable with very
simple settings. To tame the high end even more or to achieve the
possibility of cutting more high end, we have included the Brightness
cutoff switch.

This can be used in conjunction with any setting on the amplifier and we
find it quite useful.

3. Bias Switch

This switch is designed to play at different bias settings and is intended
to be used when changing the power tubes. After testing around with it, we
have found that there is even more tonal diversity with mismatched tube and
bias settings.

4. Switchable Power Tubes

The 6V6 and 6L6 power tubes are included with the Windy City amplifier.
This is a genius option, which broadens your amplifiers tonal capacity.

5. 6SJ7 Octal Preamp

This was a recommended preamp tube from our experienced tester to say: âHey
letâs do something different.â Or âEveryone else uses the 12A series of
preamp tubes.â This also opens the door for earlier and more of a vintage
sounding tone.

6. 6X4 Rectifier

Similar to the 5Y3 rectifier, the 6X4 has been included in a lot of the
vintage amps that we have had experience with.

7. Built In Lineout

It is simply that, plug it into any Public Address System and go!

8. Tested from an experienced Blues Harmonica Player

Our testers have donated their time and suggestions to pave the way for
this amplifier to be possible.

9. One of a kind circuit

A lot of boutique amplifiers today have copied previous circuits and sound
great with plenty of reasons for doing so. The Windy City has a distinct
sound of its own and gives you everything that a 1x8 combo can deliver.
This amplifier is completely hand wired with no printed circuit boards at


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