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Thank you for the article on 4th position playing. If one is already using 3rd position to play minor tunes, what are the advantages of 4th, or am I going to run into minor tunes where 3rd does not work?(fiddle tunes)   Also since Am is the realtive minor of C, if you played in first position on an A minor tune it will work? Am I playing in a minor key? Or I am I playing in C and it just does not clash with  A minor??  Hope that makes sense. Also I hope this goes to the list, if this goes to your personal e- mail I apologize.
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> On Nov 29, 2015, at 5:50 AM, Tony Eyers <tony@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Minor tunes sometimes bring us undone, as vital minor key notes are missing from the standard 2nd position moves most players use.
> This is where 4th position comes in. The missing minor key notes are there, along with some new challenges. I outlined these a while back in a Harmonica World Magazine article, reproduced at
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