[Harp-L] John Henry live Radio-show (and Pat Bergeson)

Hi List!

This morning I did a radioshow with my band John Henry (old-fashioned country). You can here it on this link:


I hope this works abroad, let me know if it doesn't.

We start out with an original tune, then there is a great intervju (in Swedish, so skip it) but at 14 minutes into the show we perform two more tunes, one original and one great cover.

Hope it works out and that you enjoy it.

Oh yeah, regarding the thread about Pat Bergeson: I had the great fortune to take a lesson with him a few months back while visiting Nashville. Highly recommended (both visiting Nashville and taking a lesson with Pat!) What a great and generous guy, fantastic player who shared his knowledge generously. I have tons of stuff to work on now, thanks Pat!


All the best,

Mikael Backman, Sweden

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