[Harp-L] Chromatic without valves

I haven't been reading my digests carefully or completely lately, but I
gather that someone is looking for a chromatic without valves.

The Seydel Chromatic "Standard" is  valveless - and all things considered is
not particularly "leaky".

I notice that they now only offer it in standard key C, but I was lucky
enough to get a key G through the late Igor Flach in Berlin, when I was a
visitor there a few years ago. Igor Flach by the way was a respected German
Blues Harp  exponent and a perfect gentleman.

I wanted a G Chromatic, because this is a very handy instrument for playing
in Irish Trad sessions where most of the tunes will be in either G or D (or
their associated minors). The idea of having no valves to stick also
appealed to me. Another attraction was that as a less than terrific player,
the lack of power from having no valves meant that I was less likely to give
offence to the other more competent musicians.

I have since invested in a more expensive Seydel Saxony in G with stainless
steel reeds and this is now my instrument of choice.


Aongus Mac Cana

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