[Harp-L] Buskers Holiday by Adam Gussow

It's hard to be a harmonica player and not know who Adam Gussow is. His YouTube channel has around 13 million views (stop reading and go there now if you've not yet done so), he's a prominent performer and teacher.

Also a writer, as it turns out. He's actually Dr Gussow, Associate Professor of English and Souther Studies at the University of Mississippi. Buskers Holiday is his fourth book.

Ostensibly it's about a busking holiday which takes Mackay Chernoff (Adam Gussow, loosely disguised) to Paris and Souther France in the mid 80's. It's more though, a story of a young man, spurned by a beautiful long term partner for a rival, redeeming himself through harmonica, a loud portable amp, cheap wine and beer and the youth of Europe. The book is an essential read for harmonica players, you'll feel like trying out the Paris streets yourself.

In my case I actually did, at about the same time, but with a small recorder. In retrospect I should have played harmonica, and used Gussow's classic "Mouse" busking amp (he still has it). I was with my wife however, so the wild guitar players, the girls, the alcohol, and all that young person out in the world stuff would not have been on.

Reading the book, I had a brief and wild notion of trying it all again. However I'm 57 (like Adam Gussow), the crazy behaviour of the young is best left for the young. Better to just read the book. It's available on Amazon, and at his site, at http://www.modernbluesharmonica.com/buskers-holiday.html

Tony Eyers
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